Remember that our staff are the only qualified instructors with full governing body approval.

We also have full insurance and are trained risk assessors!

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For information on ramp hire contact us for availability and costs of our mobile ramps and skate equipment. We have a variety of packages on offer to suit all needs from funday events, local gala days, festivals and even structured school lessons.

Mini Ramp

Packages to Suit All!


Be it a couple of hours skating at a local gala, to a full blown weekend festival or public event. We have the staff team, equipment and knowledge that works


If needed, our team of trained instructors can come and carry out a site visit, liaise with you and your safety team on best placement and layout for our equipment and even carry out a risk assessment.


We have a wide array of ramps and other pieces of equipment to customise your working area into a fun skate zone and we also supply all the equipment so all comers can have a go, safely!

Old School Lessons…


Back in 2007 Radworx started running lessons in some of South Lanarkshires schools. Craigbank Primary School was one of the first schools to try out our skateboarding PE lessons.


Over a six week period two classes participated in skateboarding for one hour each week. This became the high light of the week for everyone taking part, including the staff who had a go.


The teachers expressed how much the lessons changed some pupils attitude towards taking part in sports. Most of all everyone had fun.

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