We are proud to announce, the UK's first ever, officially recognised, Skateboard coaching qualification…

"Dropping In!"

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Dropping In - The Official Coaching Qualification

Welcome to the Radworx skateboard coaching programme. This course is designed to bring an instructor to a level that he/she can teach a total beginner the art of skateboarding to a level of competence where they are able to do basic tricks and use a skate park safely. The course will last 3 days and include 4 separate units largely practical based with some theory. Here is a short overview…

Background information


Much of the work Radworx has carried out has been for schools and summer long activity programmes for local authorities in Scotland. It’s from this experience that the course has been developed.


The techniques have been honed from years of teaching complete beginners how to stand on a board to offering top tips to advanced riders. It is solely the standard and safety of delivery that most concerns those who are assessing you.

Who is it designed for?


The Dropping In Award is open to experienced skateboarders aged 18 or over. While you do not need to be a professional level skateboarder to be a successful Instructor; good background knowledge and a mastery of the basic skills of skateboarding is a pre-requisite.


What do I receive at the end of the course?


After successfully completing the course candidates will receive a certificate validated by Radworx and Skateboard Scotland, a photo ID card with unique number identifying the holder as a Dropping In level Skateboard Instructor.


Where and when will the course take place?


At a Radworx designated venue. Part of the final assessment will take place in a ‘live’ school teaching environment. The Radworx Dropping In Award is competency based.


Candidate assessment


Candidates will be assessed throughout the course on a continual basis. Assessors will allow sufficient opportunities for candidates to demonstrate, in a practical manner, their ability to lead and instruct a group of skateboarders of varying degrees of ability.


When can I start coaching?


On completion of the course, candidates will be required to sign Radworx code of conduct and also provide valid PVG (Protection of Vulnerable Groups), First Aid, Risk Assessment and Child Protection certificates.


Working the Radworx way


It has taken a number of years to refine the style of instruction that we believe best suits skateboarding. Assessors expect that Radworx Dropping In level skateboard Instructors will consistently display high personal standards.


If you feel that you have what it takes to successfully complete the Radworx ‘Dropping In’ Instructors course, please get in touch.


Dropping In

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