Our Talented staff have being skating or riding for many years and are fully disclosed, have child protection and are sports first aid trained and certified.


Our lead coaches also hold community sports leader and risk assessment certificates.









Many of our coaches travel to events and competitions throughout the UK representing their sponsors and Scotland, making them great role models for new, young, enthusiastic skaters and riders.


You can find out more about out team on the following pages.

Skateboarding, BMXing, Skooters and Rollerblading, i.e. urban sports, have gained huge popularity with in our communities.


This trend has been matched by an increasing  number of skate parks being built by local authorities in parks and play areas around the country.


New parks are a great for those of us who have skills, but these advanced arena’s can be intimidating for a beginner and many novice riders.


This is where Radworx come on-board. A one stop solution with packages to suit all needs. Be it a school P.E. class, informal park session or coaching qualification, we can deliver everything needed to teach each sport.


We offer free use of our equipment. This can make the difference for new riders and skaters to get into these sports.

What is Radworx Action Sports and just what do we do?

Radworx first came about to fulfill a need.

They had built skateparks…

but nobody knew what to do with them!

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